Book - La tua vita è un evento

La tua vita È un evento

A thousand roles in one body: these are women today. Young, energetic and ambitious; adult, responsible and maternal; workers and housewives. Wives, mothers, friends, companions. But how do you do everything, was it the title of a movie? And always be up to the situation? Tiziana Rocca, mother, wife and full-time manager, teaches us that we can. The keyword is: organization. Aim to the maximum, without demanding perfection, and never give up. Because every woman is like a work of art, unique, and to really realize the objectives, everyone must focus on what sets it apart. Like the weavers of Persian rugs who deliberately introduced a flaw in their works because they said that perfection belongs only to the divine. From the "queen of the PR", as it was defined, here is a manual for the woman of the third millennium, which step by step teaches how to get organized at work and in private life so as not to give up anything: neither the family nor the profession nor to friends. With lots of valuable tips to stay on top at all times of the day - dress, make-up, hair - to organize a dinner at home with friends and keep fit. Because today's true luxury is being able to dedicate oneself to oneself.

Cairo (February 1st, 2015)

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