Book - Pubbliche Relazioni 2.0

Pubbliche relazioni 2.0 

When attached to an invitation is the business card of Tiziana Rocca, you can be sure that the event has the highest professionalism. "(Bruno Vespa)" Living the Network without becoming an avatar. Being social while remaining human. Generate new ideas, build around solutions # PR2.0diTizianaRocca "(Vincenzo Novari) If the Internet and new digital technologies have revolutionized the world of communication and personal relationships, even the figure of the PR must know how to reinvent itself, keeping up with the times. Does it still make sense to send a paper invitation or just an email? What is the best way to manage an event on Facebook? What should we share when we build our online reputation and how we can defend our privacy if we want to make ourselves known on the web? "To these and many other questions that the information society poses in the 2.0 era, Tiziana Rocca answers: Entrepreneur, manager, wife, mother, Tiziana Rocca - the organizer of successful events number one in Italy - is a volcano of energy, always attentive to innovations in the communication sector, in this book published by Bookrepublic available in digital exclusive, it is confronted with the new ide of the web and accompanies the reader to discover the dynamics of the network with a lively and personal style, which knows how to combine a high level of professionalism and a profound informative capacity.

Bookrepublic (November 26, 2013)

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