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Tiziana Rocca's biography

Tiziana Rocca is the founder and head of Agnus Dei Tiziana Rocca Production srl. She and her company are specialise in the production, creation and organisation of major national and international events, both for public and private entities, as well as for charity, which is something that she has endorsed in her career since the beginning. Moreover, she is also in charge of organising several prestigious film festivals, as well as awards, premieres, and other events, which have made her expertise in the field an example for many current industry experts and newcomers who wish to plan a successful event.

Originally from Pozzuoli, Naples, she moved to Rome to set up headquarters and start her career 25 years ago. She is mother of three children, Cristiana, Vittorio and Valerio, and married to the actor and director Giulio Base.

Tiziana Rocca graduated in Communications, and then progressed to study a master’s degree in Economics in Geneva. In 1997, Cardinal Angelo Sodano, on behalf of the Papal State, awarded her the "Dominam Ordinis Sancti Gregorii Magni.” In the same year, she was also awarded by the High Commissioner for Refugees of the UN for the help she provided to the association for refugee rights ACHNUR.

Tiziana Rocca is General Director of the FILMING ITALY FESTIVAL, which takes place every year in Los Angeles in conjunction with the Golden Globes event, to promote Italian cinema abroad. The event is supported by the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles, The General Consulate of Italy in Los Angeles and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities.

Tiziana Rocca is the General Director of FILMING ITALY SARDEGNA FESTIVAL. The event, an annual re-occurrence, was created and produced by Agnus Dei in collaboration with APA. The festival is a new project dedicated to cinema and TV series, as well as promoting the beauty of the Italian landscape, all presented in the breathtaking natural canvas provided by the location: Forte Village, Sardinia. In recent years, the concept of 'Cinema' has been rapidly evolving and the Filming Italy Sardegna Festival aims to portray a multifaceted reality in continuous transformation, also thanks to webinars and live and online panels.

Tiziana Rocca is also General Director of FILMING ITALY BEST MOVIE AWARD. Held in occasion of the Venice Film Festival, the event awards the best talent in the national and international film industry, including actors, producers, and filmmakers, for their outstanding achievements throughout the year.

For five years, Tiziana Rocca has been General Director of the TAORMINAFILMFEST, a national and international success story, in which not only Tiziana’s skills, expertise, and hard work revived the festival to its former glory, but she also managed to create a collaboration between public and private entities: an innovative formula that, in these days, creates the possibility for high level cultural initiatives to thrive and exist.

Among other numerous achievements, Tiziana Rocca has been General Manager of the Kinéo Prize "Diamonds to the Cinema” for six years.

Tiziana Rocca is also member of the BAFTA: British Academy Circle of Film and Television Arts.

Among the films, short-films, and documentaries Tiziana Rocca produced and supported with her company, in some cases as sole producer, in other instances in co-production or as an associate producer, she boasts:

  • "Postcards from Rome,” a film written, directed, produced and performed by the director Giulio Base and presented at the Rome International Film Festival in 2009.
  • "Schuberth - the atelier of the dolce vita", a documentary by Antonello Sarno, presented at the Venice Film Festival in September 2011. The English version was presented in New York on March 2011.
  • "Jet-Set – Quando l’aeroporto sembrava Via Veneto" - a documentary by Antonello Sarno, presented at the Rome International Film Festival in 2012.
  • "Venice Pop. La Biennale di arti visive 1928-1978 "- documentary by Antonello Sarno currently under construction (2013/2014/2015).
  • "Giulio Cesare - Compagni di scuola" - co-production with R & C Produzione; in collaboration with Istituto Luce and RaiCinema - The film was premiered at the 2014 Rome Film Festival in the Gala section.

Active film producer of "The Anarchist Banker" film directed by Giulio Base, in collaboration with Rai Cinema. The film was presented during the 75th Venice International Film Festival, and won the prestigious Persephone Award.

Co-producer of the film "Up & Down a normal film " directed by Paolo Ruffini and presented during the special event "Alice nella città" at the 13th edition of the Rome Film Festival.

Associate producer of the film "American night" 2020 directed by Alessio Della Valle, starring Paz Vega, Emile Hirsch, Paudge Behan, Annabelle Belmondo, Lee Levie, Jay Natelle.

Also associate producer of “Yoko, daughter of the sun” 2020-2021 documentary.

A close collaboration with the Italian Film Academy, and sixty years of the David di Donatello (the most prestigious film recognition award in Italy), has led Tiziana Rocca to create and produce, published by Electa Mondadori, "60 DAVID DI DONATELLO AWARDS . 1956-2016. 60 years of cinema history ", which traces the history of Italian and international cinema.

In Italy, Tiziana Rocca has organised the highest number of charity events, collaborating with associations, foundations, and non-profit organisations to raise funds and awareness for important social and scientific themes and research. It is Tiziana Rocca’s ongoing and strong attention and interest for such themes that, twelve years ago, triggered her to create the Telethon Gala, in collaboration with Telethon Foundation, which takes place annually during the Film Festival in Rome.

Sensitive to social problems, Tiziana Rocca supports the following non-profit organizations:

  • Terres des Hommes Foundation- on the front line to protect children from all forms of violence or abuse, guaranteeing every child the right to health, education and life.
  • VIS - International Volunteering for Development - organisation for the implementation of programs in developing countries for children and the weakest;
  • Associazione GIUSTACAUSA - are professionals who have opened their studies, listening and advising about the phenomenon of medical malpractice;
  • "Salvamamme" - Association that operates in Rome, supporting mothers and families in conditions of serious socio-economic discomfort. The support extends to the health, psychological, legal, logistic, pedagogical, training fields.
  • WWF consultant - for a series of initiatives dedicated to the environment including the WWF campaign for Christmas that helps the planet to protect natural paradises.
  • CBM - non-profit association that operates in 11 different countries with the aim of supporting medical-scientific, rehabilitative and educational projects and interventions, mainly involved in the fight against avoidable forms of blindness and disability in developing countries.
  • WeWorld Intervita -testimonial campaign: The true love of Italian non-governmental association recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is committed to children, women and local communities in the fight against poverty and inequalities for sustainable development. It is committed to promoting and defending the rights of children and women in Italy and in the world.
  • Telethon Foundation, engaged in the treatment of rare genetic diseases through the funding of excellent biomedical research. She has been an organiser and a strong promoter of the campaign event for 9 years.
  • "Aiutare un bambino rende grande un adulto", a record collection of funds made in favour of the "Bambin Gesù" paediatric hospital in order to build the infectious disease treatment pavilion, still present in the hospital.
  • “A night of stars for the Bambino Gesù:” a music and sports show organised to celebrate and support the paediatric hospital “Bambino Gesù,” in which the raised funds have been donated to the realisation of the Institute for tumours and transplants of the hospital.
  • Celebrity Fight Night Foundation and Andrea Bocelli Foundation offer their international fund donors a journey through Made in Italy excellence: music, art, fashion, style, food. Year after year, the charity event donates the raised funds to support children in Haiti, and to specific community assistance programs such as schools and orphanages.

In collaboration with 4 solidarity experts, Tiziana Rocca has contributed to create the "RAI Social Secretariat", the first operational structure in the social sector of RAI - Radiotelevisione Italiana that lives and acts in the so-called "area of discomfort and social exclusion.”

For a variety of years, she collaborated with magazines such as MADRE, part of the Messaggero di Sant’Antonio publishing group, writing articles on significant topics (it was the first Italian monthly magazine publication dedicated to female audiences). She has a column on the newspaper LIBERO, "Rocca e Rispost @", in which she answers to the various doubts and questions of the population’s youth. Currently, she collaborates with publications particularly dedicated to women, with PinkRoma.it (the first female web magazine) of which she is also Head of Communications.

Since November 2019, she also writes a column known as “Rocca Sbrocca” on the digital daily paper Affaritaliani.it

Among her many successes, there is one that has become rare in the Italian publishing scene. It is the book "FESTE CENE COCKTAIL - How to organise a successful evening" - the second edition written by Tiziana Rocca herself. The book, published by Sperling & Kupfer, has sold more than 11 thousand copies with the first edition.

A second book by Tiziana Rocca is "Come fare le PR Pubbliche Relazioni – Le nuove regole per comunicare con successo" published by Sperling & Kupfer already in its second edition and a third book “Il Libro della

Comunicazione 2007,” published by Gremese Editore in collaboration with the ANSA agency. The book, in English: Communicating Success. Public Relations With an Italian Flair (Published by IPOC) was released in the United States for sale on Amazon.

Another editorial project, published by Edizioni Messaggero Padova, is the book "Mom from A to T - survival manual for today's women.” Born from her personal experience, the book is a useful guide on how to reconcile professional and family life. This project also has a specific beneficial purpose: all proceeds from the sale of the book are donated to the 2009 project of Caritas Antoniana, aimed at the HIV-positive mothers and children of Uganda.

After the success of the Italian edition published by Edizioni Messaggero Padova, the book "Mom from A to T-Survival Manual for Women of Today" was published in the United States of America by IPOC Italian paths of culture, with the English title: ”SuperMom: A Guide to Kids, Family, Career, and Having It All.” The book has been affectionately acclaimed by famous actresses, who are women trying to reconcile being mothers with their careers, and have dedicated some lovely words of encouragement, support, and feedback to the author, Tiziana Rocca, their great friend.

"Publiche relazioni 2.0" is the sixth book by Tiziana Rocca, and the first e-book ever published on the difficult job of public relations. Published by Bookrepublic and available in digital exclusive from December 2013.

In 2014 she published her seventh book “La tua vita è un evento – Vivila al meglio,” in which Tiziana Rocca explains how to be a mother, wife and full-time manager. The key word is organisation, aiming for the maximum without expecting perfection and never giving up.

In 2018 she published her latest book " Il Segreto del Successo: come costruire una comunicazione vincente,” which translates to “The Secret of Success: how to build successful communication” published by Sperling & Kupfer. The book reveals the secrets and strategies of a winning communication strategy elaborated in twenty-five years of experience.

Teacher and creator of the communications course “How to communicate and how to build public relations in the 2.0 era.” The course has reached its sixteenth edition and is open to anyone who wants to learn the skills of communications. Moreover, she participated as a guest lecturer in several lessons organised by the publication “Il Sole 24 Ore.” She also held several lessons at the LUMSA university in Rome, in the degree of science and communications, on the importante of events in the world of communications.

Tiziana Rocca has been defined by articles part of her press release as “The Robin Hood of Active Solidarity,” “The Lady of Events,” or the “Lady of the P.R. (Public Relations).” She attends as a guest numerous television programs in the role of consultant, including Porta a Porta, La Vita in Diretta, Italia sul Due, Uno Mattina, Mattino in Famiglia.

For 2 years, Tiziana Rocca also held a broadcast known as “L’utile ed il Dilettevole,” meaning “Profit and Pleasure.” The broadcast was streamed by Radio IES, whose priority was to raise awareness in the social spheres regarding the world of volunteering.

Currently she is a weekly guest in Paola Guerci’s broadcast “La Città delle Donne” (The City of Women), streamed on RADIO ROMA CAPITALE. The broadcast is a program dedicated to women, about women, who daily, in the capital city of Rome, face the several situations of life tied to their multi-tasking roles.

Over the last few years, Agnus Dei Tiziana Rocca Production has affirmed its status among the major Italian agencies of communication. From the creation of the marketing plan for the launch of an event, to the organisation and “keys in hand” operations. Positioning, and marketing of the “target-brand” to determine, set, and obtain the goal.

Agnus Dei Tiziana Rocca Production are the experts in the events and communications industry.


  • “Gran Premio Internazionale di Venezia del Leone d’Oro” (2019) - awarded in recognition of her career in Rome, March 2019, by the Senate of the Republic
  • Proclamation of the city of Los Angeles. Los Angeles 2019
  • Telethon Prize for Loyalty and Commitment to Genetic Research 2018
  • Proclamation of the city of Los Angeles. Los Angeles 2017
  • Italian Federation of Women in the Professional Arts and Affairs Award. Catania, Sicily, December 2019.
  • Proclamation of the city of Los Angeles. Los Angeles 2016
  • "WEWORLD INTERVITA AWARD For Solidarity 2014" Milano, November 2014
  • "Cuore Telethon Award” Rome, October 2014
  • "Vexillum Messanae Gran Varietà Award” Messina, July 2014
  • "Pantalla Pinamar 2014 Award” June, 2014
  • "Hollywood foreign press association Award” TaorminaFilmFest, Taormina Giugno 2014
  • "Excellent Women of Rome Award” for Roma Capitale delle Donne. Rome, March 2013
  • “Telethon Award” for the constant commitment to research. Rome, October 2013
  • "Salvamamme per la bontà Award” Rome, March 2012
  • “Star of Achievement Award” in occasion of the 4th International Social Committee Awards. Milan, October 2012
  • "Medals of gold - A life for the cinema Award" Rome, October 201

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