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For us, events are a global approach to communication, which become the soul of the initiative or of the product that needs to be launched.

Concept and design

In the first phase of the project, all necessary information is carefully examined with the Client. From inspiration to expectations, everything is analysed though a careful and complex evaluation process, which assesses all the possible difficulties and critical issues, as well as the possible dissatisfactions deriving from precedent communication actions.

Only in the moment the picture is sufficiently defined, meaning when priorities and objectives have been clearly identified, AGNUS DEI TIZIANA ROCCA PRODUCTION sets a project in which the ideas, the instruments, the investments, and the realisation times are stated. From this point onwards of the process, the client can count on the full creative participation and operative assistance which are entirely dedicated to the service and that operate following the moment-by-moment necessities with the maximum consideration for the prefixed objectives.

Press relations

AGNUS DEI TIZIANA ROCCA PRODUCTION proposes two different methods for managing relationships with information operators and the press:

1) Coordinated coaching with the Client’s specific communication structures.

2) Complete management of the press office.

The media relationships area includes the organisation of press conferences, press briefings, and press meetings. It also includes the drafting and delivery of press releases, records and research for the press, as well as the press review service of the main national and regional newspaper headlines. Tiziana Rocca’s consolidated relationships with the directors and journalists of the most important national and local press and television headlines plays a fundamental role in the delivery and communication of information.

AGNUS DEI TIZIANA ROCCA PRODUCTION has demonstrated, through time, with its outstanding results, the ability to understand the needs and requirements of the world of media, as well as skilfully knowing how to correlate them with those of her clients.

The creation of an event goes through the creation of a communication plan with the development of information and initiatives that become indispensable sources of news to

obtain a complete and wholistic press package. To obtain this objective, the enactment of the plan focuses on identifying ideas, themes, arguments, that, by being coherent with the prefixed objectives, are also of unquestionable interest for information operators in order to: “create the news.”

Communication events

AGNUS DEI TIZIANA ROCCA PRODUCTION has developed a significant amount of experience in the organisation of communication events in the local industry, as well as in international territory, by undertaking a process of conception, design, and implementation of complex communication strategies, leading to successful and memorable events.

The methods of intervention are very diverse and are strongly influenced by the type of event that needs to be organised, and by the support that the client can provide.

AGNUS DEI TIZIANA ROCCA PRODUCTION is able to design, project, and curate the organisation of any type of event, from the smallest to the largest, maintaining the same level of attention to detail, and the same commitment to making its structure completely available to the Client. Whether the event comprises the organisation of an internal reunion, or a dinner in the honour of someone special, or the realisation of more complex events like international conventions and congresses, Tiziana Rocca dedicates an impeccable level of attention to every project to ensure its absolute success.

In the organisation of the events, Tiziana Rocca personally dedicates herself to identifying the best location, as the location represents a business card for the event itself and for who organises it and is therefore of the utmost importance.

In reference to the location identification phase where to build and create the event, the peculiar characteristic that distinguishes Tiziana Rocca’s intuition and professional experience consists, in connection with the creative development of the project, in the invention of new locations, opening mega-structures, or transforming completely well-known sites and areas to give them a new atmosphere.

Thanks to the use of original and unique decorations, including different styles of presentation and combinations of colours and materials (which are usually the colours or emblems of the Client), the objective is to give personality and life to the whole context with innovative ideas and refined elements and open-mindedness. This characteristic has been recognised as Tiziana Rocca’s magic touch, always able to surprise the market, make a mark, and set a trend.

AGNUS DEI TIZIANA ROCCA PRODUCTION guarantees all services necessary for the creation and execution of an event: qualified hostesses, specialised security personnel, international interpreters, secretarial services, preparation and decoration of locations and structures, audio-video and lighting systems, graphic design and invitation printing, catering, R.S.V.P. service on special dedicated numbers in order to ensure the shipment of the invites to VIP guests, press journalists and regional and national television. Everything from start to finish, culminating with the necessary assistance provided to guests and relators, such as hotel reservations, and travel arrangements.

Substantial asset is the “mailing list” of invited guests of excellence, which guarantee the resonance and prestige in every specific event. Present among the contacts are important personalities, ranging from the world of cinema and television, culture, entrepreneurship, politics, institutions, to national and international artists that can play the role of star guests for performances within organised events.

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