Ideation and production

All the necessary informations are examined with the Clients.  The inspirations and the expectations are recorded and also all the problems and any dissatisfactions deriving from previous communication actions are assessed. Only when the framework is sufficiently defined, when the objectives and the priorities have been clearly identified, AGNUS DEI TIZIANA ROCCA PROCUCTION sets a project in which the ideas, tools, investments and timing are indicated. From that moment on, the Clients can count at any time on the creative participation and on the operative contribution of a structure, entirely placed at the service of their objectives and that operates according to the needs of the moment and according to the set objectives.

Relations with the press

AGNUS DEI TIZIANA ROCCA PRODUCTION offers two different ways of managing relationships with information operators: coordinated coaching with the Customer's specific communication structures or the complete management of the press office. The area of ​​media relations includes: the organization of press conferences, press briefings and press meetings; the drafting of press releases, dossiers and research for the press; the excellent relations of Tiziana Rocca with the journalists of the most important national press, regional newspapers and TV and in most cases the relationship is with directors themselves for each event; a press review service on the main national and regional newspapers. AGNUS DEI TIZIANA ROCCA PRODUCTION has demonstrated in its past successes, the ability to understand the needs of the world of media and to know how to correlate with those of its customers, who are increasingly perceived as sources of news essential to the completeness of journalistic work. To achieve this goal, AGNUS DEI TIZIANA ROCCA PRODUCTION allows to identify ideas, themes and topics that, in keeping with the objectives set, are of undisputed interest also for information operators: "create the news".

Events of communication

The methods of intervention are very diversified and are strongly conditioned by the type of event to be organized as well as by the support that the Client's structure can provide. AGNUS DEI TIZIANA ROCCA PRODUCTION is able to conceive, plan and take care of the organization of complex events such as a convention, an international congress, and with the same commitment put its structure at the disposal of the Customer who intends to organize an internal meeting or simply an evening in honor of someone. In organizing the events, Tiziana Rocca identifies the most suitable location and considers the place a business card for the event itself and for those who organize it, she prefer to invent new ones, opening mega-structures or transforming the most famous locations in unpublished way.

Thanks to the use of the scenography, that with the help of decorations and colors (which often recall those of the Customer) and trying to give personality to the whole context with ideas sometimes unscrupulous, such as the great locations built ex-novo even in the middle of squares, we want always to "pierce" the market, to leave its mark, to launch a style; we guarantee all the necessary services (qualified hostesses, qualified security personnel, international interpreters, secretarial services, audio-video lighting systems, graphic design and printing invitations, catering, RSVP on special numbers dedicated, tenso-structures, etc ...) ensuring the dispatch of VIP invitations, regional and national press and TV journalists, as well as the necessary assistance to guests and speakers (hotel reservations, travel, etc.). AGNUS DEI TIZIANA ROCCA PRODUCTION is able to provide a very large "mailing list" of guests where important personalities from the world of entertainment, culture, entrepreneurship, politics and institutions are present. We also have contacts with National and International artists - Guest Star for performances in organized events. AGNUS DEI TIZIANA ROCCA PRODUCTION has developed a significant experience in organizing communication events on the territory, including itinerant, and in the conception, design and implementation of complex events. For us, the event is a global approach to communicate, which becomes the soul of the initiative or product that we want to launch.

Tiziana Rocca’s style really made the reason for her success and for her agency, who between parties, television productions, solidarity and especially as PR Public Relations, has managed, in 10 years, to fill a curriculum of about 18. pages