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Tiziana Rocca

With over twenty-five years of experience in the public relations industry, Tiziana Rocca is considered the “queen of events” in Italy. This title has been attributed to her not only in recognition of her outstanding talent and skills, but also to emphasise the personal prestige she has acquired in the event organisation business. She has successfully implemented style and personality as the founding pillars to build her personal success, as well as her communication agency’s worldwide recognition and strong reputation. At present, other than continuing to be a committed supporter of positive impact solidarity and charity initiatives, and dedicating events to the relaunch of brands, she is also a film producer.

She produces big events such as international film festivals around the world, ranging from TaorminaFilmFest in Sicily, to Filming Italy Sardegna Festival organised in Forte Village, and Filming Italy Los Angeles in the United States. As artistic director of these, and more, prestigious international film festivals, Tiziana Rocca enriches and promotes the cultural value of these events by organising and including masterclasses and press reviews that host celebrities from the world of cinema, as well as award-winning, world renowned movie directors.

AGNUS DEI TIZIANA ROCCA PRODUCTION has established its reputation in the last few years as one of the most dynamic and operative communication agencies in Italy. This is a result of high standards of efficiency and quality of the resources used in the creation and organisation of events that range from Cinema to Television: press reviews, film previews, television programs, radio broadcasts, theatrical representations, fashion shows for high end luxury designers, boutique and store openings for designers or new brands, sporting events, commercial event operations for the launch and/or placement of “brand-objective” products, promotion for record companies, and annual corporate public relations events.

From the refined selection of collaborators, to the best suppliers, in her Rome headquarters, Tiziana Rocca and her creative staff team plan and create events in their lab of ideas. The process is heavily based on an accurate study of the goals and objectives that have to be reached through the event. This then results in the selection of services to offer for the realisation of a winning project: from the idea for the theme, to the assistance and support logistics on location, and the complete “keys in hand” organisation of an accurate, refined program, curated in every detail from start to finish to become a successful event.

Whomever contacts AGNUS DEI TIZIANA ROCCA PRODUCTION, from companies to individuals, for the creation of an event, is guided step by step in the definition of communication strategies: from the individuation of the method, to the necessary time and investments to reach the set goals. The process is carefully supervised by Tiziana Rocca herself to skilfully manage the diverse spectrum of communication instruments and obtain the best result. To provide the best possible service to her clients, and to promptly respond to the ever-changing needs of the market, Tiziana Rocca has equipped her company with the best suppliers to successfully guarantee services of the highest and finest quality. The curation and attention Tiziana Rocca dedicates to each and every project ensures that, every event, from the smallest to the largest, is considered a personal and highly important project, both in the executive realisation as well as in the supervision phase, all in the respect of the client’s objectives and expectations.

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