In the last few years Agnus Dei Tiziana Rocca Production S.r.l. has established itself as one of the major agencies of communication, conception and organization of festivals, of events, of television and radio programs, of film festivals and theater performances, of film previews, creation and organization of events for the launch of important products, positioning and "target-brand" marketing to be obtained for the product to be launched, inaugurations, sporting events, fashion shows with top-level designers, launches for record companies and annual public reports.

At her office, in Rome, Tiziana Rocca with her staff is able to ensure all services and to develop from concept to consultation, to the "turnkey" organization of every event taking care of every detail in order to create from a small event, a great event.

For the Agnus Dei Tiziana Rocca Production, the organization of an event is closely related to the investigations on the target: the idea arises not from nothing but from a careful study on the teaser for the goal that must be reached, which is from time to time different for the times, as well as for the contents.

Those who turn to Agnus Dei are joined in the definition of communication and marketing strategies, in identifying the methods, timing and investments necessary to achieve the set goals and also find all the professionalism of Tiziana Rocca to better manage the most diverse communication tools: from institutional relations to those with the media, from the management of events to the realization of television productions.

The Customer is assisted, both in the moment of conception and in the concrete management of his communication needs. In modern society, communication is now at the center of every economic, political and social reality and it represents a significant and essential factor of development. However, it is a delicate instrument that must be used with care and professionalism.

To better assist the Clients and to respond to the ever-changing needs of the market, the company has equipped itself with suppliers capable of providing high quality of services and the professionalism of Tiziana Rocca means that each event is one of her events, realizing it not only as an executor, but as a marketing consultant trying to respond immediately to the expectations of the client.